Eco CartSafe™ Compliance

EcoSystems are effected by water run off in increasingly quantifiable ways.Setting the Standard

Eco CartSafe™ systems use only the most environment-friendly cleaners and sanitizers, and the seamless housing design insures that no products enter the environment or water table as a result of the sanitizing process, fostering compliance with water quality ordinances as well as a true partnership with the environment and its guardians. This results in a win-win for both the contractors and store operators seeking to effectively clean and sanitize their carts while dealing with newly emerging compliance issues and for water quality officials, pressed to more vigorously enforce legislation, as the deleterious effects of unrestricted run-off become ever more quantifiable.


Protect your family! Tests show shopping carts carry more germs than toilet seats.The Eco CartSafe™ system was introduced to fill a void in the gigantic grocery and retail industry. Awareness of the generally unacceptable hygiene standards of an item that consumers and their children are in direct bodily contact with on a regular basis, coupled with an impending government crack-down on archaic and unlawful maintenance practices make the Eco CartSafe™ system an idea whose time has come. What may be a well-intentioned shift in methodology today, will most assuredly represent the mandated, state-of-the-art technology of tomorrow.



Old methods of washing carts are polluting the environment with cleaning solution waste and harmful bacteria. They are also highly inefficient and costly.