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Shopping Carts have more germs than toiletsEco CartSafe Inc. is a late stage developmental company with a business focused on manufacturing, licensing and operating the first environment-conscious system for supermarkets to clean their grocery carts and other carts and trays safely and legally. The proprietary system – Eco CartSafe™ – will revolutionize the business and make obsolete the low-tech cart cleaning methods used illegally by contractors serving the sprawling food retailing industry.

Eco CartSafe Inc.’s business opportunity is clear in the context of a simple fact:

There are 85,000 U.S. supermarkets and wholesale-club food markets allowing their 13 million grocery carts to be cleaned by outdated methods that potentially endanger the public health in their communities and don’t adhere to current law. 


Our Patented technology Apparatus and Method for Sanitization of Portable Devices, now known as Eco CartSafe™ is a welcomed innovation on outdated, EPA unfriendly forty year old practice of supermarkets, chains and independent s- the hiring of outside contractors to clean grocery and utility carts with old fashioned pressure washers.


Power washers use chemicals that run off into the environment and damage water supplies and ecosystems.This outdated technology uses a mix of degreasers, detergents, disinfectants, and allows potentially hazardous bacteria to run-off directly into the wastewater system.


Eco CartSafe Inc. has been advised that this practice repeatedly violates many state and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations under the Clean Water Act. Though scarcely enforced, recent media coverage showing bacteria counts up to 1,000-times normal is providing a consumer wake-up-call to leading supermarket chains in the $460 billion sector: A costly industry-wide liability in fines, litigation, and public scorn is potentially looming


Eco CartSafe, Inc. produces and markets a grocery and shopping cart cleaning technology that represents a paradigm shift in the industry. The company has introduced the Patented cleaning and sanitizing system, known as Eco CartSafe™, which has evolved from the prototypical units designed and unveiled in 2005.


Environmental Protection AgencyEco CartSafe, Inc. will continue to fulfill its mission of providing green designed solutions for industrial problems, and specifically, through Eco CartSafe™, will enable US Grocery Chains to comply with rules set forth by both the  Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Environmental Protection and Regulation, including but not limited to the 1987  Water Quality Act, and the 2006 Ground Water Rule (


Why Eco CartSafe™ is Needed

The Eco CartSafe™ concept is practical, effective, well-designed and satisfies a huge need. Most people never give a second thought to the problems associated with the traditional, antiquated and environmentally damaging techniques used to clean carts in the typical scenario. In fact, most people have never even witnessed the carts in their neighborhood grocery store being cleaned, and for a good reason. 


Since the most common method of cleaning carts entails lining them up in the parking lot, dousing them with strong disinfectants and harsh, phosphorous rich degreasers, then hosing the entire mess down into the storm run-off, cover of night is the preferred time to execute this unseemly task.


Now that the Eco CartSafe™ system is available and is being recognized as the “state-of-the-art method” for economical, environmentally friendly cart cleaning, regulators and store operators alike are embracing the new technology as "the answer they've been looking for."


Our Team

Mr. Woytkiw has seen the EcoCartSafe sysem through from concept to market.John V. Woytkiw, Founder, Owner, Inventor and CEO - Mr. Woytkiw, the owner, founder and majority shareholder, has invested the last eight years developing the Cartsafe Technology.  Under his leadership, he has assembled a highly experienced and distinguished team of senior executives and Board of Directors to lead it to become the largest shopping cart service company in the world.  Mr. Woytkiw has licensed his patented Environmentally friendly technology to Eco CartSafe, Inc. on a worldwide exclusive basis.


Announcements Coming Soon - The EcoCartSafe team is positioned for world class success and has cultivated relationships with well known business leaders in a broad range of disciplines - engineers, chemical biologists, information technology, retail, retail maintenance, environmental specialists, manufacturering and more.




We employ nanotechnology that keeps on cleaning