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The Eco-friendly Grocery Cart Cleaning Solution

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What is EcoCartSafe™

The EcoCartSafe™ green technology units are the most advanced cleaning and sanitizing units throughout the world. EcoCartSafe™ units have incorporated a combination of 3 new patented and green technologies that makes it a complete one-step system.

EcoCartSafe™ units are specifically engineered to clean and sanitize grocery carts, meat racks, floor racks, hand baskets, and all other non-electrical items.

Eco Friendly Shopping Cart Cleaning SystemEcoCartSafe™ units rapidly clean and sanitize approximately 120 plus carts per hour. Our company is committed to being eco-friendly as we conserve and recycle water. Our green eco-technology team allows us to provide on-going protection from harmful contamination.

Presently, the current practice is for the supermarket (and retail) industry to hire outside independent contractors to pressure wash their carts between 0-4x's per year. These pressure washers use heavy duty degreasers, detergents and disinfectants. EcoCartSafe™ is proud to offer advanced green technology that efficiently and effectively cleans and sanitizes without using harmful chemicals or wasting water. It is our ultimate goal to embrace and adapt our eco-green technology and work together with all parties in the industry.

This is why you need EcoCartSafe™ Green Advanced Technology

According to research results (2014) by Dr. Charles Gerba, there are over one million germs on just one grocery cart handle.

According to the National Health Service (NHS) 2018 report:

  • 40% of rhino viruses, a common cold causing virus, are able to remain infectious on hands for over an hour.

  • Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), another cold-like virus that can cause serious illness in children, can survive on hard surfaces for up to 6 hours.

  • Flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 24 hours. Parainfluenza virus which causes croup can survive for up to 10 hours on hard surfaces.

  • Salmonella and campylobacter survive for 1-4 hours on hard surfaces.

  • Norovirus and C. difficile can survive for days or weeks on hard surfaces.

  • Staphylococcus aureus bacteria that causes MRSA infections can live on surfaces longer than some bacteria as they survive better without moisture.

According to the 2012 study of Bacterial Contamination of Shopping Carts by Dr. Charles Gerba and Sheri Maxell, shopping cart surfaces had exponentially more bacteria than restrooms, from toilet seats to flush handles.

  • Shopping carts have high numbers of HPC and coliform bacteria (which originate from feces).

According to Dr. Gerba, there needs to be improved sanitation of shopping carts and shopping baskets to reduce exposure to pathogens and transmission of bacterial infections among shoppers.

Most importantly, EcoCartSafe™ makes a very positive significant impact on public health.

EcoCartSafe™ Technology:

EcoCartSafe™ industrial strength units are adaptable to all weather conditions and designed to be used twelve times per year at each location. EcoCartSafe™ cleans and sanitizes grocery carts (and retail carts and all other non-electrical items), while eliminating the use of harsh chemicals, and preserving water. EcoCartSafe™ is intended to be used by supermarket cart mainteance and cleaning companies, the supermarket and retail industry, as well as independent contractors whom will purchase or lease EcoCartSafe™ units. We have the most efficient, effective and economical cleaning and sanitizing solution for supermarket carts (trolleys or buggies) hand baskets, meat racks, floor mats, and all other non-electrical items.

EcoCartSafe service providers will save copious amounts of water. The average grocery store uses 2,500 plus gallons of water per cart cleaning service which ends up in storm water drains.

  • Eco Friendly Solar Powered Grocery Cart Cleaning SystemRenewable energy options will off set fuel costs by up to 50%.

  • Super Filtration - The combination of a patented and green technology recycling system enables one charge to clean several thousand carts. Water is filtered and recycled, reducing operating costs and eliminating environmental damage.

  • Automated Conveyor - Our conveyor system pulls over 120 grocery carts per hour into the EcoCartSafe™ system and returns them after the sanitizing cycle completely dry.

  • High Temperature for Disinfecting - Temperatures in EcoCartSafe™ start at 210 Degrees Fahrenheit and our system upholds constant temperatures of over 170 Degrees Fahrenheit at the spray nozzle through the use of our super-efficient burners.

  • Bacteriostatic Protection - The chemical injection system provides a bacteriostatic barrier proven to protect the carts from fungal, viral and bacterial growth utilizing modern Nanoparticle technology.

  • Maximized Cleaning Pressure - 3000 PSI is produced at the multiple spray head locations to ensure no debris remains on the carts after cycling through the EcoCartSafe™.

  • The carts are protected from re-contamination by harmful bacteria through a combination of patented electronic static application and a patented antimicrobial product.

  • Units are adaptable to all weather conditions and intended to be used 12 times per year.

EcoCartSafe™ is proud to introduce team partners

Hot & Friendly LogoEcoCartSafe™ is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Hot and Mighty, the leading manufacturer in custom mobile cleaning systems.

Pure Biotics LogoPureBiotics, custom make a natural cleaning product designed especially for EcoCartSafe which removes and deconstructs biofilm using probiotics.

Marketing Plan

Units are for sale and/or lease to large cart cleaning and maintenance companies, independent unit operators, and grocery stores in the US and abroad. EcoCartSafe™ advanced green technology has attracted global interest.

If you would like to learn more about our eco-friendly, portable cleaning and sanitizing units for grocery carts (and associated equipment) please complete the form to the right or below, or call our corporate office at (561) 531-3127.

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