The Eco CartSafe™ Opportunity!

A win-win opportunity!Turnkey Mobile Solution

The Eco CartSafe™ turnkey, mobile solution reduces costs, protects the consumer against health hazards, protects the environment against harmful and polluted run-off and insulates against fines and sanctions by regulators. ECS offers a number of opportunities to contractors and end-users as well as potential business start-ups and investors, increasing cart sanitizing capacity up to 250 buggies per hour and coats trollies with long lasting nano particles that bond to the surface and keep cleaing carts for as long as 90 days or more, eliminating the need for less effective daily washing.

MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING CONTRACTORS - Units are available for lease to contractors with existing relationships with grocery store operators. Introduction of the Cart Safe system fosters goodwill and customer loyalty, allows for rapid territorial expansion without the need for increased labor costs and contains material costs.


STORE OWNERS AND OPERATORS - Stores currently performing their own cleaning or considering in-sourcing the task can enjoy multiple benefits provided by leasing the Eco Cart Safe™ system. Safe, easy and economical to operate, the system includes a thorough training and maintenance program and an on-site system allows for more frequent cart cleanings. The presence of the modern and attractive Eco Cart Safe™ system at your store says, “we care about our customers and the environment.”

BUSINESS START-UPS - Business opportunities are available for well funded entrepreneurs looking to establish a new and lucrative business in the burgeoning “green” space. ECS can demonstrate to organized and disciplined individuals how to build a profitable business around one or more Eco Cart Safe™ systems.


INVESTORS - Accredited Investors are invited to request a Private Placement document which details the investment opportunities available at EcoCart Safe Inc. The Eco Cart Safe™ system is the first of a number of environmental technologies and projects which Eco has slated.



By continued growth through aggressive marketing and selected acquisitions, EcoCartSafe INC. intends to become the dominant supermarket cart cleaning system within the next three years.


The Eco CartSafe Inc. EcoCartSafe™ Marketing Plan
  1. Eco CartSafe Inc. will enter market situations where supermarket owners may become liable from governments and customers for the resulting violations and impacts of pressure-washer water runoff.  This means that supermarkets may be moved to specify EcoCartSafe INC. EcoCartSafe™ as their cart cleaning solution, or face potential fines, suits and public outcries to adopt a better system.
  2. The  “P’s” of our Marketing Strategy:
    • 1)Prominent Prospects in the supermarket industry and the maintenance contractors;
    • 2)Powerful Proof of Eco CartSafe™ effectiveness and EPA-compliance;
    • 3)Public Pressure promoted through Eco CartSafe Inc. Eco CartSafe™ media relations campaigns.
  3. Since all the major supermarkets have adopted certain environmental and public health practices, and created management offices that are responsible for implementation and compliance, Eco CartSafe Inc. will submit abundant evidence of the environmental and business benefits from adopting the Eco CartSafe™ system in a high-powered multimedia presentation. 
  4. Though operational and environmental managers will make the business decision, potential influence of outsiders will largely influence decisions to require and hire Eco CartSafe™. The following plan features a comprehensive program to convince everyone: owners, managers, consumers, regulators and communities that Eco CartSafe™ is the only responsible and cost effective supermarket Clean Water cart cleaning solution.





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